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Featured Product:

100% Natural & Handmade

Each jar is carefully handmade using only the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. You won’t find any triclosan, glycerin, or foaming agents. Just 100% natural ingredients. 

All this without compromising on the effectivenss of truthpaste. Our antibacterial formula is enhanced with a unique blend of organic essential oils to prevent plaque-causing bacteria to build up, preventing decay and protecting against tartar. The anti-inflammatory benefits of our botanical ingredients keep gums happy and healthy.

Restore natural whiteness by removing surface stains and freshen breath with great tasting toothpaste leaving you feeling dentist fresh. 

Ethically Sourced

We are committed to choosing suppliers that share our values in sustainable, ethical and fair trading.

Our products support a wide range of global communities. When you buy truthpaste , you are helping to support independent farmers in India, build wells for communities in the Philippines to give others access to safe water and so much more. We thoroughly look into the most ethical way to source ingredients that do not come at a global cost.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

At truthpaste we are against cruelty to animals in any capacity.We are proud to carry the Vegan Society trademark and adhere to their standards. 

We conduct thorough checks with our suppliers to ensure that ingredients or products comply with our cruelty-free policy after our cut-off date of 5th August 2014 along the supply-chain. We never knowingly engage with a supplier that does not meet our policy standards.

Sustainably Packaged

We take sustainability seriously. truthpaste is created in a waste free environment. We never use plastic in our packaging, we reuse packaging donated to us by local businesses. Our jars are recyclable, reusable and refillable. Our labels and packaging are all compostable and reusable. Your order is guaranteed to arrive plastic free.

Absolutely love truthpaste. Just started on my second jar. It tastes good. My teeth are whiter and all sensitivity is gone.  Ive been using fluoride free toothpastes for a while, but this is definately my favourite. 

J. Rattray

Truthpaste is absolutely excellent and I am truly delighted with the results. I have previously tried many natural flouride free tooth pastes, oils and gels but for one reason or another none of them proved satisfactory. Although I have only used Truthpaste for a few days my teeth are exceptionally clean, whiter, brighter and unsightly stains rapidly disappeared and no longer have sensitive sore gums. Truthpaste is the most effective toothpaste I have ever used in my entire long life and now cannot live without it. Many many thanks for this wonderful, chemical free and very effective tooth paste.


This is amazing! I've tried so many 'healthy' toothpastes but they've all either tasted foul or I've had to compromise on their idea of healthy. Truthpaste is the only one that has hit the spot, made my teeth look and feel clean AND that my husband will use! Now my entire extended family use it and swear by it.

I really can't recommend this enough...a definite 5 stars!

Sylvie Carter

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