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Making the green scene seen!

A recent poll showed that 24% of consumers don’t shop eco because they don’t know enough about where or how to buy the right products. 

With post pandemic footfall down, how can we make a noise about the benefits of zero-waste stores and get them noticed again?

We've been gathering tips from our stockists on being seen. 

Love thy neighbour. 

Don’t be shy. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool within the community. By being active within that community, you can really make a difference. Anything from donating to the local school raffle to participating in community fundraisers gets the word out. Have your store’s logo on as many community-based projects as you can. Participate in online discussions in local groups, be a store that people know and trust. 

Know your stuff. 

It really helps to know how your products compare to conventional, big-name brands. Being an expert in big brands and conglomerates, how they operate, the harm they are causing to the environment through production, packaging and harmful chemical ingredients. This is all information that consumers need in order to make an informed choice. In-depth knowledge of alternative products helps to build customers' confidence to change their shopping habits.  

Safety in numbers. 

We feel privileged to be a part of such a fantastic community within the zero-waste sector. It's great to see a well established and growing network of stores actively supporting each other. Just a like on a social post or a comment of support goes a long way. Many stores organise a monthly zoom meeting to discuss sales, products and local news in the vicinity. Unlike many retailers, zero-waste stores are more likely to be in a unique position to support their peers. Similarly, suppliers feel part of a bigger community and build meaningful connections with their stockists. 

Hand-holding helps. 

For 19% of customers, refill shopping or eco shopping is unknown territory. Humans tend to be creatures of habit. Eco shopping can seem strange and a bit intimidating at first. Waste-free shops tend to be independent and therefore can arguably offer the very best in customer care.  That personal touch is something that just can't be replicated in chain stores. A warm welcome and gentle guidance can turn that nervous shopper into a lifelong customer. 

    Let's put on the pressure

    Consumers will arguably have the most impact on eco shopping as they are going to vote with their wallets. However, collectively putting sustained pressure on the government to do more to put an end to single-use plastics and introducing measures to make conglomerates more environmentally responsible will see results. Make a point of writing to your MP to see what they are doing to support sustainability in your area and see how they can represent you. 


      It’s not easy for the waste-free community to be heard above the clamour of convenience shopping. We need to make a collective effort to make a noise about what we do. 


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